Manipulative Course
To the person who worries in chronic low back pain, stiff neck, sciatica, autonomic imbalance, we recommend treatment with manipulative.

Spine and pelvis, scapula, limb, the correction of the joints of the distortion and displacement, such as the jaw and, for example, by adjusting the balance of skeletal muscle are one of the health law to expect improve the flow of blood.

The cause of the troubles in the pain on the human body, will be corrected as is the position where the erroneous bone. Therefore, by returning the bone to normal location to fundamentally improve symptoms.

Thai massage Course
Practitioner of Thai massage, back pain, stiff neck, headache, menstrual cramps, poor circulation, constipation, asthma, high blood pressure, is that there are dozens of effect on the symptoms, such as has been proven in medical. In Thailand Ministry of Health, and the attention to that effect, an attempt to apply the treatment in the hospital have been made.

The Thai massage, has a history of about 2 thousand 5 hundred years, and we can find Signboard of Thai massage in Thailand of town frequently.

It also possible to see a Signboard in one street, it can be thought of as a evidence that is accepted in much the masses.

Feature of Thai massage, than anything is its comfort. Now on his back, at a slow rhythm from the toe of the foot, gradually loosened, This is what I would say the ultimate relaxation.

Thai foot massage Course
The foot called second heart two-thirds of the muscle is located in the foot, it is from serve pump for sending back fed from the heart blood back to the heart. When the circulation of the blood becomes worse, fatigue accumulates physical condition begins crazy.

But most distant foot from the heart is also the difficult location of the blood circulation. Thai foot massage stimulates the muscles, blood vessels, nerves that massage the reflex zones of the back and top of the foot, we established a the inside of the body (tired organs and organ) by encouraging the circulation of blood. There is no pain of the treatment in Thai.

Thai aroma oil massage Course
Thai aroma oil massage, you can replenish the nutrition directly to the cells of the body. If nutrition is to massage the skin with plenty of jammed aroma oil, nutrients absorbed oil from the skin, it is said that bone marrow to reach in four and a half minutes.

In particular, also me loose and relaxed to nervous stress not only tired of the body.

Thai aroma oil massage, according to the entire palm of the hand, the better stimulation promote blood circulation, improve the circulation of blood, lymph, and improve metabolism by promoting the excretion of waste products. Since the further penetration itself on the body oil, skin and moist, remove excess dead skin cells by polite massage, you can also expect the effect to arrange the sebum balance.

Relax body and mind in the oil massage.

Herbal Ball Course
Herb ball has evolved as a folk tradition therapy of Thailand from the old days. The cloth, the ones packed tightly dried herbs and fresh herbs, warmed thoroughly in a steamer, or pressed gently against the whole body from head to foot, and then treatment.

Not only the active ingredient of the herb is absorbed percutaneous, we are absorbed in which the component from the nose, you can also feel the will also loose body mind the smell of pleasant pressure and temperature and herbs.

If carried out in conjunction with the Thai massage, it has been more effective is increased by up even healing degree of the smell of herbs.

In addition, elimination of muscle pain and stiffness, anti-aging of the skin, it is said to be effective, such as taking the balance of the autonomic nervous.

Dry Herbal Ball [components]
The combination of the above courses.

We will propose a tailored course to customers.
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